5. April 2016 - Comments Off on Heritage interpretation the glue between World War I and peace?

Heritage interpretation the glue between World War I and peace?

World War I is a significant landmark in the history of Europe. Over the entire region of ‘Westhoek’ (the western part of Flanders, near the French border) lie strongly visible traces of battle in hundreds of war-related sites, monuments and cemeteries, showing what Europe was capable of in its darkest form.

Today, we reflect on this war as a universal and contemporary message of peace from which the idea of a united Europe emerged and took shape. Expert Susan Cross will help us reflecting on these topics on site, where it all happened.

This visit will include a workshop that will introduce some of the ideas of our conference.
We will think about:
• What ‘peace’ means
• The value of remembering conflicts and the value of forgetting them
• How interpretation can influence relationships between groups of people
• The relationship between interpretation and propaganda

Join us for an impressive tour through Flanders Fields and see the relics of the 14-18 War with your own eyes. Registration for this study visit on Friday 20 May is still possible.

More information on this pre-conference tour at our website.

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