Interpret Europe conferences attract up to 200 attendees from as many as 40 countries. Besides four keynote addresses in the plenary, 60-80 workshops and presentations are run over three days in parallel, in different strands. The call refers to these parallel sessions.

At the conference, you may share your thoughts in a workshop or in a presentation. Presentations can be 15 or 45 minutes long followed by ten minutes for exchanges of views. We generally recommend keeping presentations as short and inspiring as possible. Workshops can be 55 or 85 minutes long and need to be characterised by the active involvement of the participants.


Our Review Team will consider all paper abstracts and decide whether they are a sufficient basis for a workshop or presentation. In order for a paper to be finally accepted, the applicant needs to attend the conference. You will receive feedback about your abstract by 15 January 2024.


Please submit an abstract of your presentation or interactive workshop by 20 December 2023 using this template. You will find all information about requirements for this abstract here.


Conference proceedings will be published on the IE website from the day that the conference begins. They will have their own ISBN and include all full papers received by 9 February 2024. Delivering a full paper is not mandatory for conducting a presentation or workshop. Either can also be based on the paper abstract. Paper abstracts are published as part of the proceedings.