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6. May 2016 - Comments Off on Statement of Eurocommissioner Tibor Navracsics about the Interpret Europe Conference!

Statement of Eurocommissioner Tibor Navracsics about the Interpret Europe Conference!

Tibor Navracsics , European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, send us a statement saying "Through interpretation, I believe heritage can contribute to the building of communities, not just at local level, but also on national and European levels. Bringing citizens closer to their heritage is about bringing them closer to each other, and this is an important step towards a more inclusive society."

Read the full statement.

Debate with us at our conference 'Heritage Interpretation- The Future of Europe' how we can participate in the plan "to make cultural heritage a vital sector in today's world".

Registration possible until 8 May.

18. February 2016 - Comments Off on List of parallel workshops and presentations online!

List of parallel workshops and presentations online!

Check out who else is coming to the conference! 81 interesting papers were accepted by the review committee. Download the list.

Participants wanting to benefit from early bird conference fees need to register by 29 February 2016. 

And if you want a complete overview of the conference programme: with information on all study visits, pre- and post-conference tours, download the programme.

25. January 2016 - Comments Off on The conservator of ‘Kazerne Dossin’- one of our study visits- in the national news about the refugee crisis in Europe!

The conservator of ‘Kazerne Dossin’- one of our study visits- in the national news about the refugee crisis in Europe!

Herman Van Goethem is historian, legal expert and conservator at Kazerne Dossin, a documentation centre on the Holocaust and human rights in Mechelen. He was interviewed by two national newspapers about refugee issues in Europe and how his museum is attempting to find a way of dealing with human rights today.

To learn more about how Kazerne Dossin’s human rights projects contribute to civil society, or how the museum relates to current issues, why not register for our conference and discuss with us how sensitive themes like the refugee crisis can be considered at heritage sites. Find out yourself how Heritage interpretation can bridge the past, present and our common European future at the study visit to Kazerne Dossin on 22 May.

Read the whole article here (in Dutch) and leave your comments below! Read more about this study visit on Sunday 22 May here.

7. January 2016 - Comments Off on Registration now open!

Registration now open!

Do you work at a natural or cultural heritage site, in a museum, zoo, or a botanical garden? Do you like to encourage people to search for a deeper meaning behind heritage, inspiring them to take ownership as citizens? Heritage interpretation is the key to engaging with your visitors and to connect our common European past and future.

Register now and discover how and why heritage interpretation can support you and your work at your own heritage site.


... in study visits how core European values and goals can be related to natural or cultural heritage sites.
... in workshops and presentations how interpreters make heritage relevant to visitors and local people alike.
... at the gates to Brussels how your work on heritage can be more valued.
... your joy in contributing to heritage interpretation as an essential task for the future of Europe.
... meeting people from all around the world at Mechelen in the heart of Flanders

16. December 2015 - Comments Off on Call for papers (second round)

Call for papers (second round)

Cultural and natural heritage sites are considered to be the core assets that define Europe’s richness of identity and its place in the world.

  • Do you have an approach that can inspire other sites in Europe or beyond?
  • Do you have an idea that you want to discuss with interpretation professionals and enthusiasts?
  • Do you want to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of Europe’s heritage to cope with the challenges of today?
  • Are you convinced that your methodology of heritage interpretation is worth following

Send in your presentation proposal by 31 January 2016! Read more at 'Call for Papers'.

16. December 2015 - Comments Off on Subscribe for our newsfeed

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