Interpret Europe web conference | 8-11 May 2020 | #iecon20


Here are the titles of all the paper abstracts that have been reviewed and accepted by our Review Team:

ImageYael Bamberger with Eyal Mitrani (Israel)
'Behind the scenes' visits to foster heritage interpretation community peer learning


ImageKristian Bjørnstad (Norway) and Sandy Colvine (France)
Hospitable interpretive hosts: Interpretation for the tourism trade community (IE training taster)


ImageSarah De Nardi
The project of inclusive communities: Cultural justice in the context of Italian migrant NGOs


ImageNicole Deufel (Germany)
Creating agonistic (third) spaces through heritage interpretation for diverse heritage communities


ImageAngus Forbes (Germany)
Architecture and heritage interpretation


ImageStuart Frost (United Kingdom)
Developing volunteer-led LGBTQ tours at the British Museum


ImageMichael Hamish Glen (UK) with Elena Weber (Russia) 
Translations must be meaningful, not just faithful


ImageFriedericke Hansell (Germany)
Case study Erzgebirge/ Krušnohoří Mining Region: Together we are World Heritage!


ImageManuela Hrvatin (Croatia)
Fostering active citizenship through heritage interpretation: The Istra Inspirit project


ImageMichael Jungmeier with Anneliese Fuchs (Austria)
Engaging heritage communities by citizen science – Considerations, experiences and lessons learnt


ImageThorsten Ludwig (Germany)
The relevance of UNESCO learning concepts for the development of heritage interpretation


ImageLesley Hatipone Machiridza (Zimbabwe)
Minus us, it’s your white elephant: Old Bulawayo and the challenges of community participation


ImageNigel Mills (UK)
Heimat museums and the 21st Century


ImagePedro Morais with Jael Palhas (Portugal)
Are environmental interpretation centres in Portugal prepared for fostering active citizenship?


ImageFlorin Nechita (Romania) and Simona Ciuraru (Romania)
Historic personal live interpretation in an urban outdoor setting: A case study from Brasov, Romania


ImageArgyri Platsa (Greece) 
Why fostering heritage communities is not a priority for the Greek state


ImageVahur Puik (Estonia)
Ajapaik – Nine years of a crowdsourcing community and a platform for pictorial heritage


ImageDragana Lucija Ratkovic Aydemir (Croatia)
Intangible cultural heritage and community empowerment: A case study from Pleternica, Croatia


ImageDimitra Sidiropoulou (Greece)
Heritage approaches have their own past. How can we exploit this kind of experience?


ImagePhil Songhurst (UK)
The Master’s House: How community interpretation helped to bring a historic building back to life


ImageSong Stott (USA) with Paul Caputo (USA)
Dealing with COVID-19 and keeping members engaged


ImageOrsolya Szilágyi (Romania)
The past and the future of the Roman military site of Călugăreni/ Mikháza


ImageMirela Tase
The challenges of ecotourism and perception among residents in Albania


ImageSteven Timoney (UK)
Heritage identities; heritage values; heritage futures


ImageMark Wallis (UK) with Valya Stergioti (Greece)
The New You: How to become an historical character for Museums and Heritage Sites