Interpret Europe web conference | 1-4 October 2021 | #iecon21


Here are the titles of all the paper abstracts that have been reviewed and accepted by our Review Team:

ImageImageKristian Bjørnstad and Trym Holt Rudshaug (Norway)
Bridging parks, UNESCO-areas and tourism through heritage interpretation


ImageLuís Miguel Brito (Portugal)
Interpretation performed by certified tourist guides in Lisbon during the pandemic


ImageAnna Chatel (Germany)
Augmented reality and gamification elements for multiperspective, interpretive apps


ImageRenate de Backere (Netherlands)
Sharing the wonders of World Heritage Wadden Sea


ImageVasilka Dimitrovska (North Macedonia) 
The ‘Martinki Custom’ – Managing, learning, living, giving and receiving heritage


ImageJacqui Doyle (Ireland)
Co-creating tourism experiences through interpretative storytelling


Image Image Murray Ferguson and Clare Cooper (UK)
Land, stories, people and place: The ups, the downs – and the preparations for a new climate future 


ImageAngus Forbes (Germany) 
Contemporary interpretive architecture and landscape architecture in Europe


ImageStuart Frost (UK)
Building back: Volunteer-led interpretation at the British Museum


ImageMichael Hamish Glen (UK)
If you know, you can tell


Image ImageMargarita Ioannou and Katerina Gotsi (Cyprus)
Recreating post-pandemic tourism through the use of travel texts


ImageVincent Jacot (Estonia)
Art prints as an interpretation tool


ImageDaniela Angelina Jelincic (Croatia)
Re:start! Product/ market/ consumption changes for a more sustainable and participatory heritage tourism


ImageAngeliki Kita (Greece) with Vassilis Nitsiakos, Ioannis Fudos, Christos Bellos, Thanos Kotsis, Spyridoula Kolovou, Persefoni Ntoulia, Dafni Patelou, Konstantinos Stefanou, Georgios Stergios and Georgia Tsamadia
Recreating tourism on the Greek-Albanian borders through oral history and tradition

ImageMateja Kuka (Croatia)
Unravelling the mountain layer by layer: Heritage interpretation for a story that lasts


Image Image Image Laila De Bruyne, Barbara Struys and Helena ten Berge (Belgium)
Join the discussion: Heritage interpretation and sustainable tourism – match or clash?



Lucy M. Long (USA)
Disgust is in the mouth of the beholder: Using distasteful foods to interpret culture


ImageThorsten Ludwig (Germany)
How can interpretive experiences make people more mindful?


Image Image Image Catarina Magalhães, Pedro Morais and André Coelho (Portugal)
From visitor to guide: How changing the roles can improve the impact of heritage interpretation


ImageSimana Markovska (Bulgaria)
Discovering heritage interpretation from the other end


ImageMichal Medek with Ladislav Ptáček (Czech Republic)
Interpretive plans for Czech protected landscape areas


Image Image Pedro Morais and Carla Silva (Portugal)
CLIP is linking heritage interpretation across continents


Image Image Adina Popa and Dan Horațiu Popa (Romania)
The music of nature: Interpreting nature for the benefit of a Romanian geopark’s small communities


ImageValya Stergioti (Greece)
‘Interpretive Stories’ project revives tourism in mountainous Greece


Image ImageEsther Suissa (Israel) and Sabine Steindle (Germany)
Recreating a pragmatic friendship: The houses of David Ben-Gurion and Konrad Adenauer in post-Covid times


ImageJeroen Van Vaerenbergh (Belgium)
Mouth- and eye-opening gastronomic heritage interpretation: Entrepreneurs become heritage ambassadors


ImageAnna Wilson (UK)
Bringing people and nature together: Inspiring action through wetland centre interpretation

Dominika_Koritnik_Trepel_IE_10thaniv_July2020 (13) - Janja Sivec_panDominika_Koritnik_Trepel_IE_10thaniv_July2020 (13) - Janja Sivec_pan