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Recording guidelines

Before you start your recording, make sure your PowerPoint presentation is complete and your computer is equipped with a camera and microphone.

In our description, we use the terminology of the English version of PowerPoint. You should find the specific tabs and buttons in your own language version. Some of the steps might not be needed.

1.    Ensure your camera and microphone are turned on and ready to record.
2.    Open your presentation and go to the tab ‘Slide Show’. It might be the seventh tab in the menu.
3.    Click on ‘Record Slide Show’. A new screen will open with some tools arranged around your slide.
4.    In case your system is asking you for this, tick checkboxes to record both: ‘Slide’ and ‘Narrations’.
5.    Activate both: camera and microphone. You should find the symbols below your slide on the right.
6.    Click on the ‘Record’ button in the upper left corner of the screen, and the recording will start.

Now do your presentation in as lively a way as if you would do it in front of an audience.
Please make sure to speak articulately  and do not read from a prepared text.
Take care not to talk while changing your slides because the audio does not record then.

7.    To finish your presentation, click the ‘Stop’ button (next to the ‘Record’ button).
8.    Push the ‘Escape’ button on your keyboard to get back to your regular PowerPoint screen.
9.    Save your file under a new name to save the recording.

In their lower right corner, all slides of your presentation should now have your picture representing the filming done by your camera. You can move those video recordings and change their size but make sure they don’t get to small. You can also make other changes you can usually make in a PowerPoint file. 

If you think your presentation is ready to be sent:

1.    Go to “File”, then click “Export”, and after that choose ‘Create Video’.
2.    Select HD quality (e.g. 1280x720 or 960x720).
3.    Make sure that ‘Use Recorded Timings and Narrations’ is selected from the other dropdown menu.
4.    Now click ‘Create video’, give your video a name, choose a location to save it, and wait for the application to process it. You can watch the progress in the bar at the bottom, next to ‘Notes’.
5.    After the process has finished, send your video to:

In case your video is too large to be sent as email attachment, use services such as All video recordings will be checked by us in terms of their technical functionality.

In case of any trouble, do not despair. Just get in touch with: