Interpret Europe Conference | 1-4 October 2021 | #iecon21


Heritage interpretation

Being touched by a heritage site, considering how it relates to us, and how it can help to shape our common future – this is what distinguishes good heritage interpretation. Heritage interpretation takes place in various locations, such as protected areas, historic sites, zoos or museums. It is supported by a broad range of approaches from guided walks to sophisticated exhibitions. Many people working at heritage sites are good interpreters and can encourage good heritage interpretation even if they are not aware that it is an increasingly important profession.

Interpret Europe – European Association for Heritage Interpretation

Learning from our heritage is essential for building European citizenship. Learning is most powerful where real things can be experienced first-hand, in places such as protected landscapes and historic towns, monuments and museums, zoos and botanical gardens. Interpret Europe brings all these sites and venues together. Joining Interpret Europe provides opportunities to share experiences on how to make European heritage more meaningful to people with a network of more than 1,000 professionals, enterprises and academic institutions in more than 55 countries. More information.

Travindy Spain

Travindy Spain is a Spanish non profit organisation that works as a 'Lab of Ideas' for sustainable tourism professionals in Latin America based in Madrid.  Its main aim is to connect and create collaboration networks and generate useful content and resources that help increase the resilience of the sector. Travindy Spain works with tourism communities in order to better develop their tourism strategy through communication, planning and events integrating sustainability. Find out more here.