Interpret Europe Web Conference | 1-4 October 2021 | #iecon21


If you attended our last conference in May 2020, then you know we rocked the online world of conferences. This year, you can bet we’ll provide even greater experience. 

The programme of the web conference, ‘Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation’ includes sessions in different formats. There are the fixed core activities, familiar to those who have been to our live Interpret Europe conferences, such as keynote speeches and workshops and presentations that are based on reviewed paper abstracts.
Besides this, you will find a broad variety of activities where you can contribute by yourself. These will include short presentations under the themes of ‘Photovoice’, ‘The power of creativity, ‘Taste of your place’, and ‘Speakers’ corner’, as well as podcasts.
Activities that will emerge during the conference depend on your interaction with others, such as thematic round tables, coffee tables, whiteboard and conference barometer.
Finally, don’t miss the fun offering of the entertainment in between sessions and especially during the evenings.

Regular one-time sessions

We shall introduce you to the conference theme, the components of the programme and the technical secrets of the web conference. Make sure you arrive in time.

Nobody will have had the opportunity to attend all sessions, but an experienced interpreter will seek to highlight the key features and to catch the spirit of the whole event.

Regular repeated sessions

Keynote address
Four renowned speakers will open each of the four days of the conference and ensure they contribute to our theme, ‘Recreating tourism through heritage interpretation’ from different perspectives.

IE conferences are based upon contributions from attendees whose paper abstracts have been reviewed and accepted. They will offer practical experiences from the field as well as theoretical consideration. We hope you are looking forward to their presentations.

In workshops, groups of attendees will discuss issues and come up with their own results. We shall use several tools to enable you to present, split up, discuss and reunite.

If you would like to follow the conference but feel you also need to do some critical homework or cook your meals, then you can listen to one of our podcasts.

Special sessions

Panel discussions
We shall assemble experts from different parts of the world on your screen, discussing the current hot issues and exciting solutions from different angles.  

Speakers’ corner
If you feel the need for a spontaneous ten-minute talk, then Speakers’ corner offers you a 15-minute time slot for this. Book one during the conference and fill it with what comes to your mind.

The unbearable lightness of sustainability
Engaged debates don’t need to be heavy. Listen, consider, jump in, and argue. Nevertheless, it is a game, but with a serious theme and a future perspective on the table!

Special features

Taste of your place
Make an exhibition with four pictures from your home, kitchen, neighbourhood or hometown and develop a theme related to tourism and hospitality. You can even add a background tune and share some inspiring five-minute presentations with others.

How do you regard tourism development at your place? Send us two photos presenting something you like, followed by two photos of things you would like to change and be ready to present your views in a facilitated live session.

The power of creativity
Tell us something unknown about some known phenomenon or, the other way around. Be creative, use revelation, and, as Sam Ham says: “blow us away” in a short video or a presentation.

Evening events

Late-night performance
Sit back and enjoy, after a long day, some of the most enjoyable methods in interpretation. However, the stage can be yours too!

Cocktail class
Why not try out your creativity by serving drinks with the ingredients you have at home? However, be ready for some unusual instructions from our evening host!

Food for thought dinner
Take part in this virtual sphere to share your ‘food for thought’ while having a nice chat with presenters and other attendees. This unifying occasion will be our preferred way of networking by sharing the same tables in the evening.

Open offers

Thematic table round
Our popular regular online programme will feature a special edition of Thematic tables, offering you a candy bar of different subjects to select from. 

Speed networking
Meet other attendees in a facilitated activity giving you a chance to connect with your interests.

See you at the coffeemaker!
Eager for some bonding while sipping coffee or tea during breaks? Let’s meet at coffee tables in the virtual pub!

Are you searching for a project partner? Or offering an internship? Inviting someone for a table round? On the whiteboard you can place any message you would like to be seen by others.

Conference barometer
How was your day? What did you like most and what do you feel should be improved? Have a look at the feedback provided by you and your colleagues – and at the reaction of the conference team.

Communicating outside the venue

Facebook journal
How is the conference mirrored on the Facebook pages of those who are involved or who is watching us with interest? Have a look at the Facebook feed on our platform.

Use the hashtag #iecon20 and check it out on Twitter after the programme ends to see what conference attendees wrote and how others from the heritage interpretation community around the world commented.


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