Workshop leaders


Sandy Colvine (France) & Zsuzsa Tolnay (Hungary)

IE Certified Interpretive Writer (CIW): Getting to grips with meaning in a written and spoken word

Workshop: 1h 25 min

Antonio Della Corte & Antonio Iaccarino (Italy)

The culture of care and the care of culture

Workshop: 1h 25 min

Barbara Gołębiowska (Poland)

Interpretation in the secret garden

Workshop: 1h 25 min 

Claudia Grünberg & Sebastian Zoepp (Germany)

Learning Landscape Lusatia: Potentials and challenges of a model project

Workshop: 1h 25 min

Ivana Jagić Boljat (Croatia)

Celebrating the difference with heritage interpretation

Workshop: 1h 25 min



Thorsten Ludwig (Germany), Michal Medek (Czech Republic) & Lucia Ursu (Romania)

Which interpretive strategies do learning landscapes need?

Workshop: 1h 25 min

Eliza Pătrașcu (Romania)

The collaborative art of weaving together heritage

Workshop: 1h 25 min

Eva Sandberg & Per Sonnvik (Sweden)

Participatory planning processes for nature interpretation in protected areas

Workshop: 55 min

Valya Stergioti (Greece) and Angus Forbes (Germany)

IE Certified Interpretive Planner (CIP): Interpretive planning process in 16 questions

Workshop: 1h 25 min

Vanessa Vaio  (Italy)

Interpreting the translation

Workshop: 1h 25 min

Samia Zitouni and Ivana Jagic Boljat (Croatia), Ondrej Vitek (Czech Republic)

IE Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG): A taste of interpretive guiding 

Workshop: 1h 25 min

Raluca Grama & Florentina Murea-Matache (Romania)

Interpretive plan as a key tool for EU-funded interventions 

Workshop: 1h 25 min