The conference starts on Friday 12 May with a guided walk around Sighişoara and with an opening speech of Louise Haxthousen, Director of the UNESCO Liaison Office in Brussels in the evening. Four renowned speakers will open each of the four days of the conference and contribute, from different perspectives, to our theme, ‘Creating learning landscapes through heritage interpretation’. You will be able to choose between more than 65 peer-reviewed parallel presentations and workshops, bringing expertise from various fields of heritage and sharing experiences from various European countries.

We’ll embark on study visits on Sunday so get ready for a full day excursion of your choice, combining natural and cultural heritage around UNESCO designated sites in Transylvania, as well as for talking with site managers and local NGOs about heritage interpretation management. As usual, you are welcome to promote your business or projects by bringing flyers to the Market of Ideaswhere you will be able to share ideas and initiatives with others, find partners for international cooperation or take the floor for short announcements at the Speaker’s Corner.

Don’t forget to check our pre-conference and post-conference tours which you can align with your arrival and departure in the country, especially if you first travel to Sibiu. Check the tours programme and practical information when planning your travel.